April 6, 12.00 am
Brussels, chez Gabriel Dubois, solo Piano and Duo with Timo van Luijk
April 6, 8.00 pm
Brussels, chez Gabriel Dubois, solo Piano and Duo with Timo van Luijk
April 8, 8.00 pm
Aschaffenburg Café Krem Künstlertreff, piano solo
May 4
Passau, Innside Festival
June 2, 4.00 pm
Franking an the Klangraum solo Piano
Juni 8, 8.00 pm
Berlin Galiläikirche solo piano release concert for LP AMOR
June 11
Kassel Randfilm
June 13, 8.00 pm
Bremen, Alter Güterbahnhof: Duo with Johannes Haase, viol
June 15, 8.00 pm
Croatia, Zminj: Klangzeit Festival
July 5
France, Nice, Hotel du Convent, open air opening concert
July 6
France, Nice, Hotel du Convent, open air opening concert
July 13
London, Communal Abbey Garden, Open Air Concert
July 14, 2.00 pm
Brighton, piano solo at The Rose Hill
January 6, 4.00 pm
Munich, Stadtmuseum, Closing Party
Duo Limpe Monk Piano, Caspar Lesjak KORG Synthesizer
January 5, 4.00 pm
Munich, Stadtmuseum, KOLLABS 2
Quartet BFGH Babel d / Fuchs p / Guantes b / Holzapfel trb
Dezember 9
Munich, Long Night of Experimental Music
December 1, 8.00 pm
Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, Makroscope, Duo concert with Pit Holzapfel + Release LP ALlLOA by AnaOtt
October 19 - 21
Tel Aviv, CDA Holou Festival "Who Comes After Us?" concert and workshop
The concert has been canceled and may take place in March 2024.
October 7
Bremen, REM Festival with quartet "Bunte Truppe"
October 1, 8.00 pm
Augustusburg (near Chemnitz), experimental festival
September 10, 5.00 pm
Romainmôtier (Lausanne), duo concert with Viz Michael Kremietz, Shakuhachi
August 24, 7.30 pm
Kutná Hora (near Prague)
Open Air concert in a baroque monastery: "A Day of Sound"
July 22
near Sheffield, concert in the Treak Cliff Cavern
July 19 - 21
workshops in Sheffield
July 15
Nijmegen, Nicolaas Kapelle, duo concert with Zoro Babel (instruments by Yuri Landman)
July 11 - 14
Nijmegen, Residency with Zoro Babel
July 3 - 8
Brussels, Q-O2 Residence with Valérie Vivancos
May 21
Schloss Penzing, memorial concert for Michi Roß, Duo with Pit Holzapfel trombone
May 13
Passau Noise Art Festival
April 30
Tectonics Festival Glasgow
April 27
Brussels, Q-O2 Residence, Oscillation Festival, duo concert with Valérie Vivancos
March 5, 8.00 pm
Munich Riem, concert in WERKRAUM with Gisela Oberbeck Shadow Theatre
March 5, 2.00 - 5.00 pm
München Riem, WERKRAUM, workshop with visitors of the exhibition
January 28
CTM Festival HAU 2 Duo concert with Afrorack
January 16 - 20
Residenz at GMEA in Albi (France) with Valérie Vivancos
Dezember 9, 7.00 pm
Silent Green Chapel UI Festival Berlin
December 1 - 5
Athens, Tectonics Festival
October 22, 7.00 pm
Bern, flash! Festival, concert
October 22, 3.00 pm and 4.00 pm
Bern, flash! Festival, workshops with children
October 10 - 15
Genk PORTAVIDA workshops with Maximilian Glass:
employee training and preparation of a permanent sound installation
September 30
Bratislava, NEXT Festival, solo concert
August 25
Oslo, VoxLAB Vär Fest festival, Konzert and Duo with Kristin Norderval
August 23 - 24
Oslo, VoxLAB Vär Fest festival, workshop
August 7 - 13
Norway, Heggli Farm, Artist Retreat Concert + Duo with Kristin Norderval
July 16, 8.00 pm
Glasbau Pfarrkirchen, experimental music, solo percussion + Korg synth
June 18 - June 19
Geneva, duo concert at the Baz'art Festival with Viz Michael Kremietz, Shakuhachi and Ydaki
June 4
Chemnitz, Markuskirche, Duo Concert with Romain Bertheau (organ)
May 28 - May 29
Usana, Sardegna, "Metal in Motion" Build and Rhythmic workshop
May 27, 9.00 pm
San Sperate, Sardegna, concert at the festival Giardino Sonoro
May 21
Herne, Museum of Archaeology, concert
April 16
London, Iklectik, Duo Concert and Workshop, Limpe Fuchs + Mark Fell
April 15
Rotherham (near Sheffield), concert with Mark Fell Electronics
April 6 - 10
Wiesbaden, Künstlerzentrum Walkmühle
'Tonräume + Partituren', Exhibition, Concert, Workshops
March 18
Metz, Festival Concert
March 15
Paris, Festival Sonic Protest, opening concert at LE CONSULAT
March 13, 8.00 pm
Karlsruhe, Kulturzentrum Tempel, Duo with Max Glass
March 11, 8.00 pm
Stuttgart, Neue Schachtel, Duo with Max Glass
February 4
Fauststudio Scheer Solo and Duo mit Hans-Joachim Irmler, Moog Synthesizer
January 30
Basel, Kaserne, workshops for children
January 28, 8.00 pm
Basel, Kaserne, Rossstall I
December 10
Chemnitz, Markuskirche (canceled due to lockdown in Saxonia)
November 5
Munich, Schwere Reiter, FuchsFest
October 13
Berlin, Morphine Records, concert and workshop
September 23
Napoli, concert and workshop in "l'asilo"
September 26
Bari, concert at Time Zones Festival
September 24
Rom, concert at the "Klang"
September 11
The Hague, The Netherlands:
September 9
Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek: Musik for the book presentation
"Caro Giordano - Resonanzen und Gestrüpp" by Ulrike Stoltz
August 29
Münster, Musikhochschule
August 28
Berlin, Zwinglikirche, FuchsFest
June 18
Bern Dampfzentrale
June 17
Vaulx-en-Velin near Lyon, Grrrnd Zero Salle de concerts or open air
May 26 or June 16
Geneva, Cave 12
June 12, 8.30 pm
Cordoba C3A Black Box, concert
June 12, 11.30 am - 1.00 pm
Cordoba C3A Black Box, workshops
June 10, afternoon
Lissabon, Parede, SMUP Social Club, Konzert
June 9, 1.00 pm - 3.00 pm and 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm
Lissabon, Parede, SMUP Social Club, Workshop
June 5
Sonoscopia Porto Rua da Pelada 33
May 29, 6.30 pm
France, La Rebondie, La Lomelle, shadow play animare with Gisela Oberbeck
May 25, 8.30 pm
Zurich, concert Walcheturm (for registration please call +41 433220813)
January 27, 8.00 - 9.30 pm Uhr
Online Stream ctm-Festival, Symmetry for Five, Trans/local Performance 2
further information see here
December 12, 6.00 - 10.00 pm
Halle 50 Domagk Ateliers Munich, Night of Experimental Music
Limpe Fuchs live with Korg Synthesizer and Percussion
November 22, 6.00 pm (concert has been canceled)
Trostberg, Stadtkino, „music from tomorrow”
Music and Film with Limpe Fuchs and Occhio Quartet
October 16, 11.00 - 11.30 am
Leipzig, SEANAPS Festival - segment on the radio on Grand Piano
September 12
Köln Kalk, Vietorstr. 59a, Klub Genau, concert with Christoph Heemann
September 11
Rotterdam, De Player
September 6
Eupen MEACUSMA Festival on auf Video
4. - 5. September
Brussels, Q-O2
workshops - percussion, self-built instruments & improvisation
Mittwoch 2. September, 20:00 Uhr
Brüssel, Q-O2, Limpe Fuchs & Pak Yan Lau - two solos
August 24 (canceled)
Antwerpen, Open Air Summer Bummer Festival
Trio with Evan Parker and Timo van Luijk
August 22
Berlin-Pankow, 4th Speicherfestival
August 15
Krefeld Open Air Theaterplatz
May 22. Mai (concert has been canceled)
Barcelona, Convent Sant Augustí
May 21 (concert has been canceled)
Valencia, NVCLI
May 15, 8.00 pm (concert has been canceled)
Córdoba, arts centre C3A
May 10, 8.00 pm (concert has been canceled)
Geneva, Cave 12
May 7 (concert has been canceled)
Zürich, Solo Limpe Fuchs, Solo Max Glass, Solo Frantz Loriot
May 2 (concert has been canceled)
Düsseldorf, Christuskirche, Duo with Peter Strickmann
May 1, 7.00 pm (concert has been canceled)
63840 Hausen, alte Dorfkirche, Duo with Michael Ross, transverse flute
April 30, 8.00 pm (concert has been canceled)
Wiesbaden, Kunstverein Walkmühle, Duo with Michael Ross, transverse flute
March 21 (workshop has been canceled)
Rotterdam, workshop
March 20 (concerts has been canceled)
Rotterdam, Joey Ramona Gallery, Josephstraat 166-168
March 15
London, workshop
March 14, 7.30 pm
Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, London: IKLECTIK
for additional information visit
March 8, 5.00 pm
Schloss Penzing, Duo with Ruth-Maria Adam violine and elektronics
November 24
Ebersberg Musikschule kleiner Saal: Occhio Quartet with Hans Wolf p, Elmar Guantes db, Zoro Babel dr, Limpe Fuchs perc, viola
November 7, 8.00 pm
SEANAPS Festival Leipzig Duo with Peter Strickmann
September 27, 8.00 pm
Waldorfschule Wangen, kleines Treppenhaus: duo concert with Viz Michael Kremietz
August 31, 12.00 pm — 1.00 am
Burg Giebichenstein, Seebenerstr. 1, Halle an der Saale
"Vorspiel" — reservation requested 0177.4068789
August 2 — 4
Oxfordshire, UK, Braziers Park Supernormal Festival.
Live music to Wakeful film
July 5 — 7
Brandenburg, Großwoltersdorf
NNOI Festival
June 15
Hamburg, Festival Blurred Edges
May 26, 8.00 pm
Stuttgart, Neue Schachtel
Release Concert new LP "träumen ohne dinge"
bunte truppe Ruth-Maria Adam, Limpe Fuchs, Ronnie Oliveras, Ignaz Schick
May 25, 7.00 pm
63840 Hausen (near Aschaffenburg), Alte Dorfkirche
Release Concert new LP "träumen ohne dinge"
bunte truppe Ruth-Maria Adam, Limpe Fuchs, Ronnie Oliveras, Ignaz Schick
May 24, 8.00 pm
Leipzig, Release Concert new LP "träumen ohne dinge"
bunte truppe Ruth-Maria Adam, Limpe Fuchs, Ronnie Oliveras, Ignaz Schick
May 23, 8.00 pm
Berlin, Zwinglikirche, Release Concert new LP "träumen ohne dinge"
bunte truppe Ruth-Maria Adam, Limpe Fuchs, Ronnie Oliveras, Ignaz Schick
May 3, 8.00 pm
Wiesbaden, Fragmente
duo concert with Peter Strickmann
May 1, 8.00 pm
Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, Makroscope
duo concert with Peter Strickmann objects, flute, feedback, vocals
April 27, 6.00 pm
Malmö Konsthall (Malmö Art Hall)
Workshops for adults and children
April 25
Malmö, Sankt Johannes kyrka
Opening Concert Intonal Festival - the concert's trailer can be viewed here.
February 10, 6.00 pm
Schloss Penzing near Wasserburg
Duo Concert Limpe Fuchs piano, Michael Ross transverse flute
December 8, 8.00 pm — 1.00 am
Munich, Akademie der bildenden Künste
Lange Nacht der experimentellen Musik
December 1, 8.00 pm
Mühlheim a.d. Ruhr, Shiny Toys Festival
with bunte truppe: Duo Fuchs, Schick
November 13, 8.00 pm
Bristol, The Brunswick Club
November 11, 8.00 pm
London, Café Oto
Wakeful film silent, live score by Limpe Fuchs
November 10, 7.00 - 9.00 pm
silent film screening, live score by Limpe Fuchs and Breathing Space
November 8, 6.00 - 8.00 pm
London, A.T.P Gallery
Wakeful - film by anne Robinson, music by Limpe Fuchs
November 3, 8.00 pm
Duo concert with Jan Klare
November 1, 8.00 pm
Konsens - Electro-Acoustic Shadows
Performance with Hoffmann, Fuchs, Feedback Gents, Dierks
October 31, 8.00 pm
Dortmund Theater Parzelle Festival
Music to the shadow play by Angelika Hoffmann
October 12—14
Newcastle upon Tyne, Tusk Festival
September 22, 7.00 pm
Copenhagen: Festival of Endless Gratitude, Limpe Fuchs and guest musician
September 1, 7.00 pm
Malovice, Czech Republik
HEAR ME Music and Theatre Festival, duo conzert Limpe Fuchs + David Danel
August 25—26
Antwerpen Summer Bummer Festival Solo and Duo with Gerard Herman
July 22
Fano Free Folk Festival, Workshop
July 21, 8.00 pm
Insel Dänemark: solo concert at the Fano Free Folk Festival
July 12, 8.00 — 11.00 pm
Lange Nacht Konzert in the exhibition "die Klangkünstlerin Limpe Fuchs"
July 10, 8.00 pm
Musikforum Viktring, closing concert workshop
July 7, 8.00 pm
Kärnten, Musikforum Viktring: Trio concert Zoro Babel, Paul Gulda, Limpe Fuchs
July 1, 11.00 am
Studienkirche St. Josef Burghausen: Vernissage exhibition "die Klangkünstlerin Limpe Fuchs" and solo music
Follow this link to a video of the exhibition
June 28, 6.00 pm
Studienkirche St. Josef Burghausen: concert childrens' philharmony and Limpe Fuchs
Finnland Tour Summer 2018
Saturday, June 2: Turku Sibelius Museum
Sunday, June 3: Pori Validi Karkia
Monday, June 4: Tampere City Library Metso
Tuesday, June 5: Helsinki Concert at University of the Arts
Wednesday, June 6: Helsinki Charm of Sound Workshop
April 29, 6.00 pm
Festival Ulrichsberg: Duo with Evan Parker
April 21, 8.00 pm
Gasthaus zur Schwimmschule: Jazzfreunde Landshut with OOP
March 11, 5.00 pm
Wasserburg a. Inn, Schloss Penzing: Occhio Quartet with Hans Wolf p, Elmar Guantes db, Zoro Babel dr, Limpe Fuchs perc, viola
December 8
Dortmund, Künstlerhaus, Sunderweg 1
Shiny Toys Festival, solo concert
November 30, 8.00 pm
Munich, Beethovenplatz 2, Bar Gabanyi, concert with OOP Quartet
Werner Klausnitzer p, Pit Holzapfel pos, Michael Ross fl, Limpe Fuchs perc, viola
November 17, 8.00 pm
concert with instruments and sound parquet Limpe Fuchs, Andreas Eckenberger, bTina Raithel, Gundis Stalleicher
November 17, 7.00 pm
Vienna, Brunnenpassage, workshop with the sound parquet
November 12
Saarbrücken, Limpe Fuchs metal tubes, viola voc, Flamingo: Ruth Maria Adam electr viol, Ronnie Oliveras electr. Cl, Ignaz Schick turntables
November 11
Wiesbaden, Limpe Fuchs metal tubes, viola voc, Flamingo: Ruth Maria Adam electr viol, Ronnie Oliveras electr. Cl, Ignaz Schick turntables
November 10
Nürnberg, Limpe Fuchs metal tubes, viola voc, Flamingo: Ruth Maria Adam electr viol, Ronnie Oliveras electr. Cl, Ignaz Schick turntables
November 9
Erlangen, Limpe Fuchs metal tubes, viola voc, Flamingo: Ruth Maria Adam electr viol, Ronnie Oliveras electr. Cl, Ignaz Schick turntables
October 21
Mönchengladbach, Econore Noisefest, Kunstverein MMIII concert
October 2 — 8
Residence and concert, Prismatic Park, New York
art project by Josiah Mcelheny (Part of Madison Square Park (between 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue)
invited by + stay until 15 October
September 20, 4.00 pm — 5.30 pm
Traunstein, Schule der Phantasie (near exhibition)
sound workshop with children 7 years and older and adults (max. 10 participants)
September 16, 7.30 pm
Rathaus Traunstein, Brunnenhof, solo concert
September 2, 11.00 am
Rathaus Traunstein, Alte Wache
Vernissage of the exhibition Limpe Fuchs trampelpfadnomainroad
with publication and CD with recordings between 1981 and 2017
August 20
Kulturtag Oberscheid
11.00 am - 2.30 pm: workshop with children
3.30 pm: solo concert Limpe Fuchs / children's concert
June 10
Sheffield, newly renovated Greek style Chapel in the old cemetery
4.00 pm: workshop
9.00 pm ‐ 4.00 am: concert with Mark Fell, Crys Cole, Oren Ambarchi
June 3 — 5, 12.00 am - 6.00 pm
Sound project at the Kunsthandwerkermarkt in Seeon
June 1, 7.00 pm
Burghausen, Lotte Llachts Laden, In den Grüben 188
Duo with Pit Holzapfel, trombone
May 28
London, Café Oto, Duo concert with Evan Parker
May 27 pm
Brighton, Friends Meeting House
3.00 pm: Workshop
8.00 pm: Duo concert with Evan Parker, saxophone
May 21, 7.30 pm
Manchester Chapel solo Limpe Fuchs
May 20, 8.00 pm
Bradford Delius Arts and Cultural Centre
May 17, 8.00 pm
Wiesbaden, Blücherstr. 28, Fragmente
April 27, 9.00 pm
Gabanyi Bar, Beethovenplatz 2, Munich, Occhio Quartet
Hans Wolf, p, Elmar Guantes, kb, Zoro Babel dr, Limpe Fuchs, perc
April 8, 4.00 pm — 1.00 am
Schwere Reiter München, Dachauer Str. 114
Music Festival MGNM Münchner Gesellschaft für neue Musik
Occhio Quartet + Stoffklang: Limpe Fuchs, bTina Raithel, Gundis Stalleicher
March 5, 5.00 pm
Schloss Penzing near Wasserburg
Quartet Out of Peterskirchen
December 11, 8.00 pm
Exploratorium Berlin

Exploratorium Berlin
Berlin, Exploratorium
Nomainroad with Limpe Fuchs, Zoro Babel, Jacques Foschia, Ignaz Schick, Ruth Maria Adam, Ronnie Oliveras, Ulrike Stoltz, bTina Raithel
December 10, 4.00 pm — 6.00 pm
Berlin, Radio Cashmere
live on air with Scircles&waves electronics
December 8, 8.30 pm
Leipzig, Club Pracht
concert with Scircles&waves electronics
November 19
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Ringlok Schuppen, shiny toys festival
October 28 - 30
Schamrock Poets' Festival; Solo Concert
October 6
Biofisch Halle Wien, Ottakring, Velak Gala Nr. 89
im Trio Fuchs, Profanter, Schwab
September 24 — 25
Den Haag, Rathausplatz, Festival TodaysArt
September 6, 8.00 pm
Bamberg, St. Stefan Kapelle SOG, innovative Musik
September 4
Festival Workshop
September 3, 8.00 pm
New Haven Fort Process Festival Concert
September 1, 7.30 pm
Concert Limpe Fuchs — Fragmente, Wiesbaden
August 21, 5.30 pm
Kulturtage Oberscheid
Solo concert and trio with Flamingo
Ruth Adam violin, Ronnie Oliveras clarinet, sounds
July 30, 8.00 pm
concert with the new pipe instrument (Lucy Tuning)
Caroline Profanter electronics, Vinzenz Schwab electronics
July 17, 5.00 pm
Open Air Concert at Penplan's with the Occhio Quartet
Limpe Fuchs perc, viol, voc Zoro Babel dr Elmar Guantes b Hans Wolf p (keyboard)
June 4, 7.00 pm
Moritzkirche Augsburg "Moving Echoes" with painter Jusha Mueller
May 26, 5.00 pm
Kösk München, Schrenkstr. 8
100 Jahre Moondog with talks und 7 groups (Limpe: sundance, droll dance music with vokalises)
May 14 - 16, 12.00 am - 6.00 pm
Artisan Market in Seeon; Clay Modelling "Beetles and Butterflies"
April 22, 8.30 pm
Klosterkirche Traunstein KLANG UND SCHATTEN with Gisela Oberbeck
March 12, 7.00 pm
Munich, Lothringerstraße 13, Florida
2 films (AnimaTraktortour 1971, Schattenspiel animare 2012)
sound conzert with trio Holzparkett - Limpe, bTina, Gundis -
March 4, 8.00 pm
Zug (Switzerland), Theater im Burgbachkeller: Sound Concert
February 21, 5.00 pm
Schloss Penzing / Wasserburg, Quartet Out of Peterskirchen
with Leo Gmelch at Tuba und bass trombone
resevation by email or phone required (089/8577149)
January 7 — 9
Braunschweig, University of the Arts: Instrument Making with Students
December 15, 7.00 pm
London, Cafe Oto: workshop with Limpe Fuchs and her instruments
December 12, 8.00 pm
London, Cafe Oto: Final concert of residency Mark Fell with Limpe Fuchs, Richard Side, Michaela Antalova and Frederica Frabetti
November 12, 8.00 pm
Theater im Burgbachkeller, Zug (Switzerland)
"Trees of Sound" with Carole Meier, violins and Martin von Allmen, percussion
October 30, 8.00 pm
Alte Schmiede, Wien
concert with lithophone and Christoph Nicolaus and his stone harp
Oktober 4, early evening
solo concert and workshop at the Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Festival
"send + receive"
September 27, 11.00 am
Exerzierhalle Ingolstadt
exhibition opening Sieglinde Bottesch "der Oktober ist eine Frau"
September 26, 8.00 pm
TROGLOBATEM festival Stuttgart, concert with the Flamingo Creatures
Ruth Adam violine, electronics, vocals and Ronnie Oliveras clarinet, elektronics
September 24, 8.00 pm
Club Voltaire in Kehl e.V., Hafenstraße 3: duo concert with sculptor Ilse Teipelke
July 16
Regionalgalerie Südhessen, Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt at Luisenplatz
opening music for the exhibition usus: Uta Schneider & Ulrike Stoltz
"einfach, doppelt, vierhändig"
July 14, 8.00 pm
Wien, Steinergasse 8, Biofisch Halle
velak export #8 Solo and Duo with Caroline Profanter, elektronics
July 11, 8.00 pm
Neustift 16, Rappottenstein (Waldviertel)
concert "Wasser Klang" at the Electric Orpheus Academy
July 4
Rheinau 12, Koblenz
summer tour with flamingo creatures, sisto rossi + peter strickmann
July 3
Macroscope, Friedrich—Ebert—Straße 48, Mühlheim an der Ruhr
summer tour with flamingo creatures, sisto rossi + peter strickmann
July 2
Kohi, Werderstraße 47, Karlsruhe
summer tour with flamingo creatures, sisto rossi + peter strickmann
June 27
Lorenzkirche Nürnberg ION Orgelwoche "Freiheit"
short concert with Matthias Ank
June 19, 8.00 pm
Klosterkirche Traunstein: Chiemgauer Kulturtage
"mit Musik ins Holz" with the Occhio Quartet and Limpe Fuchs performance group on sound parquet floor
May 12, 8.00 pm
Köln, Stadtgarten: Broken Sound
with Christoph Heemann electronics and Timo van Luijk electronics
May 9, 8.00 pm
Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels
with Christoph Heemann electronics and Timo van Luijk electronics
April 26, 5.00 pm — 9.00 pm
"hören" with DJ Esclé (Ambient), City Club Augsburg, Konrad—Adenauer—Allee 9
April 25, 8.00 pm - 1.00 am
"KRAUT UND DRASTIK"; Trio with Zoro Babel, Drums, Synthesizer and Jacques Foschia bass clarinet
Werkraum Münchner Kammerspiele
March 28, 2.00 pm — 11.00 pm
Schwere Reiter, München: music festival by the Münchner Gesellschaft für neue Musik
4.00 pm Limpe Fuchs piano solo "das gute tier"
March 15, 6.00 pm
Schloss Penzing, Wasserburg "Out of Peterskirchen"
concert with Pit Holzapfel, pos Michael Ross fl Werner Klausnitzer p
February 7, 12.00 am — 5.00 pm
Vienna, Brunnenpassage, Open House "Freie Improvisation in der Klanginstallation"
6:00 pm work shop concert
February 6, 8.00 pm
Vienna, Brunnenpassage, duo concert with Alejandro del Valle Lattanzio
December 21, 7.00 pm
Musicale at Gabi Pühler in Landertsham with OOP Quartet: Pit Holzapfel, pos Michael Ross fl Limpe Fuchs perc, viol, voc Werner Klausnitzer p, voc
December 13, 8.00 pm - 1.00 am
"Nacht der experimentellen Musik" Munich Academy: Limpe Fuchs Spinett, bTina Raithel Störung
November 16, 11.00 am
Matinée Künstlerhof Rosenheim, Hans—Fischer—Saal, Ludwigsplatz 15 with the Occhio Quartett: Hans Wolf, piano, Elmar Guantes, bass, Zoro Babel, drums, Limpe Fuchs percussion, viola
October 11
Workshop Kulturetage Riem, Munich with bTina Raithel
October 10
Concert in the "Schranne"; Rathaus Wasserburg with quartet OOP: Limpe Fuchs, perc, viol, voc, Michael Ross, fl, Pit Holzapfel, pos, Werner Klausnitzer, piano, voc
September 28, 3.00 pm
Keramikausstellung, Kunstraum Klosterkirche Traunstein, "Klangfeld" with Lithophone
September 27, 8.00 pm
Keramikausstellung, Kunstraum Klosterkirche Traunstein, "Klangfeld" with Lithophone
September 14, 8.00 pm
Bad Pfäfers, Switzerland, with TREES OF SOUND Carole Meier, violine, Martin von Allmen percussion, Limpe Fuchs string roll, viola, percussion
August 2, 8.00 pm
Klang im Turm München Claude—Lorrain—Str. 26
duo concert: Viz Michael Kremietz Shakuhachi (japanese bamboo flute), Limpe Fuchs string roll, viola, vocal
August 1, 8.00 pm
Klang im Turm München Claude—Lorrain—Str. 26
duo concert: Christoph Nicolaus Steinharfe, Limpe Fuchs Klangsteinreihe
July 27, 8.45 pm
PHREN, Schraudolphstr. 38, Münchner Sommerwerkstatt für experimentelle Musik
July 19
Rappottenstein, duo concert with Vinzenz Schwab, electronic, closing concert Orpheus Academy
July 12, 5.00 pm
Concert "Bronzeklang" at MGNM Festival MGNM and "Kunst im Karrée"
Kunstgießerei Schleißheimerstr. 72, München
June 29, 11.00 am
Exhibition Opening "Kunst & Klang"
June 22
11.00 am — 3.00 pm: Exhibition
3.00 pm: Performance "Moving Echoes - Sound Driven Painting Performance" with exhibition
June 14, 8.00 pm
Performance "Moving Echoes - Sound Driven Painting Performance"
June 12 — 13, 3.00 pm — 6.00 pm
"Moving Echoes - Sound Driven Painting Performance" with Jusha Mueller
Kunstraum Klosterkirche, Traunstein
June 7 — 9, 12.00 am — 6.00 pm
Tonart — Modelling at the Arts and Craft Market Seeon. Topic: King and Queen
May 30, 8.00 pm
Synaesthetical encounters II Musik for filmlets and solo music, Alte Schmiede, Wien, Schönlaterngasse
May 24, 9.00 pm
Sudden Cricket with Flamingo Creatures, Münster, Am Mittelhafen 42
May 23, 8.00 pm
with Flamingo Creatures and Ross Parfitt, Köln Club Genau, Köln Kalk Vietorstr. 59a
May 22, 9.00 pm
Concert with Flamingo Creatures
Ruth Maria Adam, violine, voice, sounds, Ronnie Oliveras clarinet elektroacoustic sounds, Walpodenakademie Mainz, Neubrunnenstr. 8
May 18, 7.00 pm
Composer Concert TKV Südostbayern, Concert Triolog
with Limpe Fuchs pendular strings, viola, Peter Holzapfel trmbone, Michael Ross trnsverse flute
Kirche Wiederkunft Christi, Kolbermoor
May 10, 8.00 pm
Atelier Mommen Bruxels, Duo concert with Jacques Foschia, bass clarinet
May 2, 8.00 pm
concert with Viz Michael, Kremietz Didgeridoo and Shakuhachi
Club Vaudeville Lindau
April 16
"TRiOLOG — hör spiel theater" with characters by Linde Mötz and music by Limpe Fuchs pendular strings, viola, drums, Peter Holzapfel electric guitar, trombone, Michael Ross flute and Henny Beyer, Andreas Eckenberger, bTina Raithel, Gundis Stalleicher
schwere reiter München
April 5, 8.00 pm
Workshop with instruments, Ebernburg
April 4, 8.00 pm
Ebernburg gala concert "35 Jahre KBE" with pendular strings, lithophone, viola
Bad Münster am Stein
March 15, 8.00 pm
Trio Concert Limpe Fuchs spinet, percussion, Anja Füsti mandolin zither, percussion, Vinzenz Schwab electronic
Stromraum Stuttgart, Bad Cannstadt
February 13, 8.00 pm
Concert in Isartalbahnhof Thalkirchen, Munich
Limpe Fuchs pendular strings, sound rocks, viola, Zoro Babel electroniv, Michael Ross transverse flute
January 25, 8.00 pm
"animare" Klang und Schatten with Gisela Oberbeck
Studio DanceSpirit at Medienfabrik Ganghoferstr. 68b, Munich
December 15
Härkingen CH Schattentheater animare with Gisela Oberbeck
December 7, 8.00 pm
Concert with Out Of Peterskirchen
Pit Holzapfel pos, Michael Ross fl, Werner Klausnitzer p Limpe Fuchs perc, viola, voc
Kulturforum Riem
November 2, 7.00 pm
Concert "plastic phantastic" with bTina Raithel and Ulrike Stoltz
Altes Forsthaus Treuchtlingen
October 12, 10.00 pm
Ohrengala with Flamingo Creatures + Krube
www.bei-ruth.deZiegrastr. 11-13, Berlin - Neukölln
October 10, 8.00 pm
Concert with Flamingo Creatures
Münster, Am Mittelhafen 44-46
September 21, 10.00 am - 13.00 pm
Wasserburg, "musical Saturdays" with TRIOLOG Limpe Fuchs, perc voc viol Pit Holzapfel pos Michael Ross fl
August 22 - September 10
Trees of Sound - A Hymn to the Trees
Switzerland Tour with Carole Meier (violin, baroque viola, voice) and
Martin von Allmen (composition, percussion, voice), known as a duo
under the name of archj - an extraordinary concert experience!
sound snippets recorded August 2012 in Faust Studio Scheer
contact: 0041.313020734
  • August 22 : Rütte Stiftung, Sutz
  • August 24 : Orangerie Bern
  • August 25 : Herrenschwanden
  • August 30 : Seminarhaus Winkel, Märstetten
  • August 31 : salle blanche Musikpalast, Basel
  • September 1 : Pavillon St. Petersinsel, Erlach
  • September 3 : Botanischer Garten, Bern
July 27, 5.00 pm
Rathaus Wasserburg a. Inn: opening concert with Michael Ross, transverse flute
July 18, 6.30 pm
Open Air Concert with the Occhio Quartet
Penplan Consulting GmbH, Jakob-Klar-Str. 14, 80796 Munich
Limpe Fuchs perc, viol, voc Zoro Babel dr Elmar Guantes b Hans Wolf p (keyboard)
June 30, 3.00 pm
Wunder Wandel Weltkonzert from mini-musik: Limpe Fuchs with Klangsteinreihen
Westpark Munich "Klang und Spiel" for small and big children
May 18 - 20
Art project at the Kunsthandwerkermarkt in Seeon
Subject: Bear Families
May 8, 8.00 pm
Duo concert Experimentelle Klangwelten with Viz Michael Kremietz
Kunsthalle Kleinschönach, Herdwangen-Schönach
May 7, 8.00 pm
CD release concert "Kugelhausmusik" with Viz Michael Kremietz sound installation, Yidaki, Shakuhachi
Forum Sommersried, Oberriedgarten, Kisslegg
April 27, 8.30 pm
Traunstein Kunstraum Klosterkirche TRIOLOG
Hör Spiel Theater with Limpe Fuchs.
music: Pit Holzapfel, Michael Ross; objects by Linde Mötz.
performance with Henny Beyer, Andreas Eckenberger, bTina Raithel, Gundis Stalleicher, Ulrike Stoltz
April 20, 8.00 pm
Wuppertal City Church
March 16, from 4.00 pm
München Schwere Reiter: MGNM Musikfest with TRILOG
Limpe Fuchs string roll, Pit Holzapfel trombone, Michael Ross transverse flute
details and time schedule: Schwere Reiter München
March 7, 6.30 pm
musical soirée with the Occhio Quartet
Penplan Consulting GmbH, Jakob-Klar-Str. 14, 80796 Munich
Limpe Fuchs perc, viol, voc Zoro Babel dr Elmar Guantes b Hans Wolf p (keyboard)
December 8, 8.00 pm
long night of experimental music
with "schnur rollen dialog" Experimentelle Musik 2012
Assembly Hall in the old building of the Munich Academy of Arts, Akademiestr. 2
December 7, 8.00 pm
DUO KRAAK with a sound installation by Timo van Luijk
studio of the "Kreativ Garage" at Café Rigoletto, Rosa-Aschenbrenner-Bogen 9
November 14, 7.30 pm
Brunnenpassage Vienna "Coincidentia Oppositorum" at the wien modern festival with Brunnenchor and 5 elektro-acoustic musicians
October 26, 8.00 pm
Duo with Timo van Luijk and solo and workshop
NETWERK / center for contemporary art
October 20, 8.00 pm
KUS Heerlen solo concert and workshop
October 3, 8.30 pm
Schwere Reiter München with Quintett OOP and shadow play from Gisela Oberbeck
September 15, 7.00 pm
MUG at the Einstein München Festival Lautwechsel "Musiques Insolites" with Jacques Foschia bass clarinet
September 6, 9.00 pm
Klosterkirche Traunstein: Summer Concert with Paul Gulda, Cembalo and Marwan Abado, Oud
August 26, 8.00 pm
studio concert at the Faust Studio Scheer with Carole Meier viol voc and Martin von Allmen perc viol voc
July 29, 7.00 pm
Dachauer Wasserturm: Flamingo Creatures featuring Limpe Fuchs
July 28, 8.00 pm
Pöllat Pavillon, Munich: Flamingo Creatures with subsequent session
July 25, 8.00 pm
Rhythmikon, Munich: Flamingo Creatures featuring Limpe Fuchs
July 18
Rappottenstein: Special Guest in the Orpheus Academy
June 24, 8.00 pm
Klosterbauhof Ebersberg Music School 2nd floor: Quintet "Out of Peterskirchen" grand piano Werner Klausnitzer, soprano Kaccia B., trombone Pit Holzapfel, transverse flute Michi Ross, sound artist Limpe Fuchs
June 9 - 11
Vienna, Brunnenpassage: sound installation, solo concert, workshops
April 28
Waldorfschule Wangen with Viz M. Kremietz
April 21
Klingspor Museum Offenbach, Lange Nacht der Museen: with Ulrike Stoltz (voice, sounds)
March 8, 8.00 pm
Postsaalgewölbe Trostberg: 41st workshop concert Trio with Gunter Pretzel (viola) and Marlene Noichl (clarinet)
February 26, 6.00 pm
Beginenhaus Erkelenzdamm Berlin: Concert "Texte und Musik" with Dorothea Mezger
February 25, 9.00 pm Berlin Neukölln with from Vienna
February 22
Sternchen Berlin Mitte, with Ignaz Schick, Anine Mesnaui, MOVA
January 12, 8.00 pm
40th workshop concert Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg with "archj"
Carole Meier (vocals, violin), Martin von Allmen (percussion, voice)
December 17, 9.00 pm
Black Box Gasteig: Konzert zum Jazzfest München with Quintett Out of Peterskirchen
November 25 and 26, 9.00 pm
Solokonzert in der Walpoden Akademie Mainz
November 19, 8.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg: 39th workshop concert: Quintett „Out of Peterskirchen” with Caccia B (soprano), Werner Klausnitzer (piano), Michael Ross (flute) and Pit Holzapfel (trombone)
October 29 and 30
Kurs im Atelier Peterskirchen: Koordination and Musik
October 28, 8.00 pm
Steinway-Haus München: Trio concert with Hans Wolf (piano) und Elmar Guantes (contrabass)
October 24, 8.00 pm
culture factory Zagreb: Solokonzert and Film Traktor Tour 1971
October 23, 8.00 pm
Beograd: Duokonzert with Gerard Herman (
October 22, 8.00 pm
Interzone Festival, Novi Sad
October 13, 8.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg: Werkstattkonzert 38 - „Das Feuer der Sonne” music and presentation with Dr. Jutta Köhler and Ralph Kaleve (flutes)
Sun October 9, 3.00 pm
Les Ateliers Claus, Brüssel: Solo und Duo Konzert with Jacques Foschia (Klarinetten). Einlass 15.00, Beginn 15.30
Sat October 8, 11.00 am - 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm
Les Ateliers Claus, Brüssel: Workshop
September 10, 8.00 pm
Schwere Reiter München. „Nachts kommt der Elch” Hör Spiel Theater with Andreas Eckenberger bTina Raithel Gundis Stalleicher und Figuren von Linde Mötz
September 4, 3.00 pm
bei der KonsTanzJam: „Sturm und Stille” zur Tanzimprovisation
August 5 - 7
Klangbad Festival in Scheer. Solo Performance
July 23, 5.00 pm
Konzert zur Eröffnung der Großen Kunstausstellung in Wasserburg (Arbeitskreis 68)
July 22, 7.30 pm
MNunich, Kulturtage Ackermannbogen, with Caro mio ben and Quartet Out of Peterskirchen
July 12 - 19
Altes Sägewerk Heumühle Rappottenstein: Klanginstallation zum Meisterkurs 2011 der Electric Orpheus Academy (
July 2, 8.00 pm
Kulturstadel in Wain. Caro mio ben with Brigitte Jäger
July 1, 8.00 pm
Kunstraum Klosterkirche Traunstein. Caro mio ben with Brigitte Jäger, Sopran
June 10 - 13
auf dem Kunsthandwerkermarkt in Seeon. Tonart Thema: Frosch und Seerose
May 15, 1.00 pm
im AUKIO-Kasino am Kerschlacher Forst. Lithophon Konzert in der Fotoausstellung „Amazing Steinzeit„ von Inea Gukema-Augstein
April 14, 8.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg: Werkstattkonzert 37 with Timo van Luijk. Installation Sewing Machine, flute and clarinet
April 2, 3.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg: Hase und Igel. Eibl Figurenspiel und Musik von Limpe Fuchs
March 26, 10.30 pm
Munich, Schwere Reiter: MGNM Musikfest with the Occhio Quartet and „out of peterskirchen” with Brigitte Jäger (soprano), Peter Holzapfel (trmbone), Michael Ross (flute), Werner Klausnitzer (piano)
February 20
Finissage „Spur Linie”, Städtische Galerie Traunstein. With Ulrike Stoltz „Sie hört sich zu während sie eine Linie zieht”
January 20, 8.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg, worksho concert 36 with Zoro Babel (sounding rocks, drum set)
November 20, 9.30 pm
Ivrea (To) Festival Musiche Possibili Alte Synagoge Duo Konzert with Sebi Tramontana, Posaune
October 22, 10.00 am and 8.00 pm
Forchheim „Hase und Igel” Figurenspiel with Musik with Monika Strobl
October 16, 8.00 pm
Carl Orff Auditorium München, Echtzeit Herbstausgabe, Sprach-Klang-Performance „Motte” nach einem Interview von Einstein and Tagore 1930 in Berlin von Jutta Köhler with Andreas Eckenberger Didgeridoo, Perkussion, Limpe Fuchs Viola, Perkussion, Stimme
October 15, 8.00 pm
ökumenische Kirche Riem „animare” with der Schattenbildspielerin Gisela Oberbeck
October 10
Matinee Klangstein Konzert zur Ausstellung von Inea Gukema
October 8, 8.00 pm
De Player, Rotterdam with Timo van Luijk and Edward Ka-spel
October 1, 8.00 pm
Gent „Tweeklank” with Gerard Herman (
September 23, 10.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg. Lesung with Musik „Die Prinzessin von Alpuxarra” with Hildegard Schmahl
September 17 - 19
Kons Tanz Jam with Trommeln
July 31, 8.00 pm
Kulturpassage Ackermannbogen: überraschungskonzert vom Occhio Quartet - with Elmar Guantes, db, Zoro Babel dr, Hans Wolf p
July 22, 9.00 pm
Club Unterfahrt, München: Quintett out of Peterskirchen with Brigitte Jäger, Sopran, Pit Holzapfel, Posaune, Michael Ross, Flöte, Werner Klausnitzer Piano
June 25, 8.00 pm
im Raum für Musik Zoglau 3: Premiere von „out of Peterskirchen” with Brigitte Jäger, Sopran, Werner Klausnitzer, Piano, Pit Holzapfel Posaune, Michael Ross, Flöte
June 24, 7.30 pm
Klosterkirche Traunstein Eröffnung der Literatur Akzente von ARTS: "das Leben ist aus dem Sinn geboren" with Brigitte Jäger, Sopran
June 12, 10.00 pm
Can Ginebreda, Restaurat Cultural, Porqueres: solo concert
June 11, 9.00 pm
Heliogàbal, Barcelona: Solo Clubconcert
June 5, 11.00 am - 2.00 pm
musikalischer Samstag in der Wasserburger Altstadt with FuHoRei - Pit Holzapfel, pos git Christoph Reiserer cl sax
May 30, 6.00 pm
bei Klang Art Wuppertal Klangkonzert with Zoro Babel
May 28, 9.00 pm
Kunstraum Klosterkirche Traunstein "Hör Spiel Theater" with Klangmaterial Rohr Stoff Holz and Figuren von Linde Mötz with Andreas Eckenberger, bTina Raithel and Gundis Stalleicher
May 22 - 25
Ton Art Programm "Baum und Blume" auf dem Kunsthandwerkermarkt an Pfingsten in Seeon
May 16, 6.00 pm
Konzerthaus Wien, neuer Saal, solo program by Limpe Fuchs, Festival "Play Gulda Play"
March 11, 8.00 pm
Werkstattkonzert 34 Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg "caro mio ben" with Brigitte Jäger (soprano)
March 7, 8.00 pm
Im MGNM: Gedenkkonzert for Reinhard Schulz. Composition „Kommen und Gehen”
January 21, 8.00 pm
Werkstattkonzert 33 Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg "Trio Traum" with Pit Holzapfel (guitar, trombone) and Michael Roß (flute)
January 15, 7.00 pm
Techno 3 Salzburg: Musikfest in der Galerie with dem Occhio Quartett
January 6, 3.00 pm and 4.30 pm
Spieldose im Künstlerhaus München "Hase und Igel" Figurentheater von Monika Strobl with Live Musik von Limpe Fuchs
November 19, 8.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg Werkstattkonzert 32 with the Occhio Quartet: Hans Wolf, Piano, Elmar Guantes, Kontrabass, Zoro Babel, drums, Limpe Fuchs, Percussion
October 17, 10.30 am - 1.00 pm
„Musikalischer Samstag” in Wasserburg am Inn, Open Air, Herrengasse Ecke Ledererzeile. With Pit Holzapfel (Posaune, E-Gitarre) und Christoph Reiserer (Klarinetten)
September 27, 11.00 am
Matinee Konzert in der Galerie Orplid in Icking „Lady Mikado” with Ulrike Stoltz, eigene Texte, Obertongesang und Astrid Mehltau Didgeridoo
September 25, 3.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg Live Musik zu "Der kleine Zauberwal" ein Figuren -und Schattentheater with der Eiblbühne München
September 19, 8.00 pm
Exploratorium Berlin Mehringdamm: „Rohr Stoff Holz” – Klangperformance with Andreas Eckenberger, Gundis Stalleicher, bTina Raithel
August 25 and 26
Kloster Moosen: Klangspiele
July 17, 22.00
Isental Festival (Isen): "Lady Mikado" with Ulrike Stoltz
July 11, 12
"Klang und Stimme" im Atelier Peterskirchen (siehe auch Kurse)
July 10, 7.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Galerie Konzert in Passau zur Vernissage der Künstlergruppe IMAGO
June 20
Kulturtage im Kloster Fürstenfeld: Lange Nacht with Klangstein Konzert siehe
May 31 and June 1
Tonart Projekt "Pinguine im Polarland" beim Kunsthandwerker-Markt in Seeon
May 20, 9.00 pm
Kunstraum Klosterkirche Traunstein: "animare", Schattenbildtheater with Gisela Oberbeck
May 10, 16 and 17, 3.00 pm
Theater Spieldose, Künstlerhaus München: Musik zum Figurentheater "der kleine Zauberwal"
March 29, 3.00 pm
COS Gasteig München, zum Konzert "Neue Musik für Kinder". Traumkrokodil with 2 Kindergruppen und der Rhythmikerin bTina Raithel
March 12, 8.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg: "Lady Mikado", an audiovisual concert with Ulrike Stoltz, Offenbach and Andreas Eckenberger
January 29, 8.00 pm
30. Werkstattkonzert, Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg. "PERCUSSION TRIO" with Hans Rabe Djembe, Basstrommeln and Eva Schätz Sangban
January 4, 3.00 pm
Spieldose München: Live Musik zum Figurentheater „kleine Zauberwal” with Uta Behne and Monika Eibl
December 13, 8.00 pm
TU Mensa Munich Nacht der experimentellen Musik "Stühle" Performance with Andreas Eckenberger, Gundis Stalleicher, und BTina Raithel
November 20, 8.00 pm
Postsaalgewölbe Trostberg: 29. Werkstattkonzert „Herbstgeräusche” — Lieder, Texte, Musik with Brigitte Jäger Sopran. Als Gast Werner Klausnitzer am Piano
October 31, 7.30 pm
Kunstverein Neuried: Schattenspiel ”animare” with Gisela Oberbeck zur Ausstellung ”schwarz weiß”
October 4, 8.00 pm
Musikkulturnacht Traunstein im Kunstraum Klosterkirche zur Ausstellung Rasenstück 08 von Zoro Babel und Andrea Lesjak
September 25, 8.00 pm
28. Werkstattkonzert im Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg: "Begegnung with Pierre Boulez"
Marlene Noichl Solo Klarinette, Rita Fichter Rollfinke Bass Hackbrett, Diskant Zither, Limpe Fuchs Perkussion, Violine, Pendelsaite
September 9, 8.00 pm
Limpe Fuchs / Das Synthetische Mischgewebe. Chapelle de Boondael/Boondael Kapel, Square du Vieux-Tileul 10/Oude Linde Square 10, 1030 Bruxelles/1030 Brussel.
September 5-7
Limpe Fuchs at Colour out of space festival, Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton UK
August 16
Einberg Konzert zum 35 jährigen Hofjubiläum
August 4-10
Spielfreudige Sommertage in Peterskirchen (siehe Kurse)
July 20, 8.30 pm
Kirchheim unter Teck im Museum altes Kornhaus: "Klang, Holz, Stoff" with Andreas Eckenberger Barbara Merz und BTina Raithel
July 8-12
Sommerwerkstatt im Depot Dortmund "Unter der Oberfläche". Konzert am 12. Juli, 8.00 pm with grosser Pendelsaite
July 6, 8.30 pm
Loft Köln - Ehrenfeld: Solokonzert with Korg, Piano, Pendelsaite, Violine, Stimme
June 28, 8:00 pm
Galerie EigenART, Landshut: Trio Peter Holzapfel, Christoph Reiserer, Limpe Fuchs
June 24, 9.00 pm
Unterfahrt Munich Maerz Quartett - Julia Schölzel, p, Christoph Reiserer cl, sax, Peter Holzapfel pos, git Limpe Fuchs perc
June 21, afternoon
Rosengarten Trostberg: Trio LIEDZEIT with Brigitte Jäger Sopran, Julia Schölzel Piano, Limpe Fuchs Pendelsaite, Perkussion
June 7, 8:00 pm
Milano Artoteca: Limpe Fuchs + In Camera in concerto, proiezioni Keri Neff
June 6, 8.30 p
Dampfzentrale Bern with Ensemble Phoenix & John Duncan (USA), IN CAMERA (D/B) Limpe Fuchs (D)
June 5, 8:00 pm
Gare du Nord, Basel with Ensemble Phoenix, In Camera und Limpe Fuchs
May 25, 11.00 am
Kunstraum Klosterkirche Traunstein: Kinderkonzert "Tiere im Klangwald"
May 21, 7:00 pm
Kunstraum Klosterkirche Traunstein: Eröffnung der Ausstellung with Linde Mötz Grübl
April 23-24, 7:00 pm
24 Stunden Lesungen (und Performances) in der Werkstatt der Kulturen von Altes Neues Testament und Koran 15 Minuten Limpe Fuchs viol voc with Mathäus 1.1 - 1.18
April 12, 9.00 pm
Erlöserkirche Erding-Klettham animare Schattenbildspiel with Gisala Oberbeck
March 13, 8:00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg: 27. Werkstattkonzert with dem Maerz Quartett (Limpe Fuchs perc viol, Peter Holzapfel git pos, Christoph Reiserer cl sax, Julia Schölzel p)
March 5, 8:00 pm
Giesinger Bahnhof, München: Kunstbahnsteig Occhio Quartet with Stillleben
February 30 - March 1
Exploratorium: Workshop with Claudia Hartmann
February 29, 8:00 pm
Exploratorium Berlin: Klangkonzert
January 17, 8:00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg: 26. Werkstattkonzert with dem Occhio Quartett
January 4, 8:00 pm
Garching an der Alz: Bibliothekskonzert with Roman Bunka (arabische Laute, Rahmentrommel) und Xixhi Nie (chinesische Geige, Sheng (chinesisches Blasinstrument))
December 22, 8:00 pm
KC Belgie: Limpe Fuchs, Christoph Heemann, Steve Stapleton (
December 1, whole day
Psaltertreffen im Klangatelier Peterskirchen
November 3 - 4
Schönau Klangkurs (
October 25, 8.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg 25. Werkstattkonzert ”Lieder kreisen um Robert Schumann” with Julia Schölzel und Brigitte Jäger
October 6, 8.00 pm
Kulturnacht Traunstein Städtische Galerie ”Stoffklang” with Andreas Eckenberger, Gundis Stalleicher, Bettina Raithel
September 27, 8.00 pm
Postsaal Trostberg 24. Werkstattkonzert zum Postsaaljubiläum with Rita Fichter- Rollfinke, Peter Holzapfel, Margarita Holzbauer, Marlene Noichl, Ralph Kaleve, Christoph Reiserer, Bernhard Zörner
August 1 - 5
Spielfreudige Sommertage in Peterskirchen (siehe Kurse)
July 30 - 31
Klanggarten in der St Nikolaus Schule Erding
July 25 - 28, 8.30 pm
„Chorrelationen+1+” von Susi Wimmer und Wolfgang Obrecht with Live Musik Limpe Fuchs
June 30, 7:00 pm
Urstall 83131 Nußdorf „Wandlungen” Ausstellung und Werkstattkonzert Improvisationen für Gambe Perkussion und Schalen with Margarita Holzbauer und Florian Lechner
June 22, 8:00 pm
Zoglau Konzert von Maerz Duo Limpe Fuchs und Julia Schölzel (Piano)
June 17, 4.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Köln Hinterhoffest in Lupusstraße 39 with Eugen Egner (E-Gitarre), Matthias Nahmmacher (Flöte), Dietmar Wehr (Bass)
June 15, 7:00 pm
Klingspor Museum Offenbach/Main Musik zur Vernissage von
May 26, 27, 28
Pfingst Kunstmarkt Seeon: Ton -Kunstprojekt „unterirdisch — oberirdisch” für Kinder und Erwachsene
May 25, 7:00 pm
Berchthold Villa Salzburg: Konzert zur Finissage der Ausstellung „Surreale Welten”
May 6
Konzert in derGalerie Orplid München Solln zur Ausstellung „Sinnzeichen”
May 5, 8:00 pm
im Stemmerhof ARS MUSICA München „Stoffwechsel” with Gundis Stalleicher und BTina Raithel
April 28 - 29
Im Exploratorium Berlin: Kurs with Claudia Hartmann „Klang und Atem” oder „ich würde gern improvisieren, weiß aber nicht wie's geht”
April 21, 9.00 pm
Kunstraum Klosterkirche Traunstein „animare” Klangkunst und Schattenbildtheater with Gisela Oberbeck
April 13, 8:00 pm
Berchthold Villa, Salzburg Konzert zur Ausstellungseröffnung ”Surreale Welten”
March 31, 2.00 pm - 6:00 pm
Orff Zentrum München, Kaulbachstr. 16 „Nichts wie raus!” Beitrag zum Symposium der MGNM München
March 24, 8.00 pm
Schloss Seefeld Altes Sudhaus „Licht kommt wieder” Klangkonzert zusammen with dem Glaskünstler Florian Lechner
March 22, 8.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg: 23. Werkstattkonzert. Compositions by Erik Satie und George Crumb with Rebekka Thois, Piano
March 16
Bandfabrik Wuppertal
March 11, 6.00 pm
Wuppertal, Pauluskirche: Eröffnung der Ausstellung ”Memento Mori” von Barbara Held und Boris Meißner
March 9, 8.00 pm
Loft, Köln
March 1 - 2
Im Exploratorium Berlin: Kurs with Claudia Hartmann „Klang und Atem” oder „ich würde gern improvisieren, weiß aber nicht wie's geht”
January 18, 8.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg: 22.Werkstattkonzert with Rebecca Thois, Piano ”Komposition (Erik Satie, George Crumb) — Improvisation”
December 9, 8.00 pm
Mensa der TU Munich, Arcisstraße: Lange Nacht der experimentellen Musik
”Stoffwechsel” with Andreas Eckenberger, Ida Machakova, Bettina Raithel, Gundis Stalleicher
December 2, 3.00 pm
Mariandl Munich, Beethovenplatz Tea-Time with Hans Wolf, Piano
November 16, 8.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg: 21. Werkstattkonzert ”Schumann fantasiert Opus 73” with Marlene Noichl, Klarinette und Julya Schölzel, Piano
October 14, 8.00 pm
Passau, Museumscafé: Konzert with dem Bassisten Albert Dambeck
October 1, 11.00 pm
Dachau, Ludwig Thoma Haus: Matinée with dem Schumannprojekt zusammen with Brigitte Jäger, Gesang und Julya Schölzel, Piano
September 20, 8.00 pm
Quartett Occhio in der Unterfahrt Munich
September 9, 10:00 pm - 12:00 pm
Ingolstadt, Museum für Konkrete Kunst (Tränktorstr. 6-8): Soloperformance in der ”langen Nacht der Museen”
July 2, 11.00 am
Munich Konzertcafé Mariandl Duo with Hans Wolf, Piano
June 24, 2.00 pm - 6:00 pm
Wechselnde Eröffnungsmusik im neuen Rosengarten in Trostberg
June 16 - 18
Figurentheaterkolleg Bochum: Seminar ”Klangräume” musikalische Improvisationen
June 11, 6.00 pm
Konzert im Atelier Urstall with Florian Lechner und dem Pianisten Hans Leygraf
June 3 - 5
Ton Vogel Paradies auf dem Kunsthandwerkermarkt in Seeon
May 24 - 27
Erlebnisklangzeit in Peterskirchen für die Gruppe ”Spielraum”
May 19 - 21
Wochenendseminar in Peterskirchen
May 14
Limpe Fuchs with ihren Instrumenten zu Gast im B4 in der Kindersendung Do Re Mikro
May 8, 8.00 pm
Ruffini Munich: ”Kein Sofa Nirgends” Klang- und Video with Inge Vogt und Hannes Schmidt
April 28, 9.00 pm
Kunstraum Klosterkirche Traunstein: ”TANZ DER BILDER UND ZEICHEN” Konzert with Videoinstallation von Inge Vogt Munich, Kerala
April 7, 8.00 pm
Carl Orff Auditorium Munich: Vorstellung des Projekts ”Stoff 10”with A. Eckenberger, I. Machakova, B. Raithel, G. Stalleicher
March 16, 8.00 pm
Trostberg Postsaal Gewölbe: 19.Werkstattkonzert with dem Komponisten und Bassisten Albert Dambeck
March 12, 5.00
Kunstarkaden Munich: KLANG WELT REISE ein Familienkonzert with Michaela Götz, ethnische Flöten und Rita Fichter Rollfinke Psalterion
March 2, 7.00 pm
Klangperformance zur Vernissage des ”Flying Carpet” in the Kunstarkaden, Munich, Sparkassenstr.3
February 8, 10.00 pm
Berlin Maria am Ostbahnhof: ”Listen to the Tone Disappearing”
Konzert in der Club Transmediale
January 21, 8.00 pm
Apostelkirche Rosenheim: Konzert with dem Glasbildhauer und Klangkünstler Florian Lechner:
”Das neue Jahr zum Klingen bringen”
January 19, 8.00 pm
Trostberg Postsaal Gewölbe: 18. Werkstattkonzert with Roman Bunka. Arabische Laute, Gitarre und Xihzi Nie chinesische Geige
December 3, 8.00 pm
Munich Landsbergerstr. 336 Steinwayhaus: Klassik meets Jazz with dem Pianisten Hans Wolf
December 3, 10.00 am - 6.00 pm
Atelier Peterskirchen Klangseminar
November 4-27, 3.00 pm
Wien Theater LILARUM Musik zu ”König Midas”
November 20, 11.00 am
Mariandl am Beethovenplatz ”Jazz meets Klassik” with Hans Wolf, Piano
November 17, 8.00 pm
Trostberg, Postsaalgewölbe 17. Werkstattkonzert
November 4, 8.00 pm
Wien, Theater Lilarum: Premiere König Midas (Musik)
October 29, 8.00 pm
Ingolstadt, städtische Galerie in der Harderbastei: ”Saiten, Röhren, Stäbe” Konzert in der Ausstellung von Beatrix Eitel
October 28, 8.00 pm
Nürnberg St Aegidien: Klang ? und Lichtwanderung, Konzert in der Ausstellung von Barbara Held und Boris Meißner
October 23, 8.00 pm
Wain: Projekt with Isabeela Beumer, ”There was a forgotten Moon”
October 23, 11.00 am
Ingolstadt Musik zur Vernissage von Beatrix Eitel
October 20, 7.00 pm
im Landesvermessungsamt Munich zum Symposium ORDO ET MENSURA ”Landscape of Bifurcation” with Jutta Köhler und Limpe Fuchs
October 16, 10.30 am
Konzert in St Aegidien, Nürnberg
October 15, 6.00 pm
Bibliothek St. Egidien, Nürnberg Eröffnung der Ausstellung von Barbara Held und Boris Meißner
October 14, 8.00 pm
Stadttheater Erding ”klang welt reise” with Ralph Kaleve, Flöten und Stefan Straubinger, Drehleier, bandoneon
October 8, 3.30 pm
MGNM Musikfest in Munich with ”dynamics” UA Limpe Fuchs, Lithophon Julya Schölzel, Piano, Christoph Reiserer, Klarinette
October 7, 7.00 pm
MGNM Musikfest in Munich Quartetto with Hans Wolf p Elmar Guantes db + electronics, Zoro Babel dr, Limpe Fuchs perc
September 29, 8.00 pm
Triofon in Taufkirchen
September 22, 8.00 pm
16. Werkstattkonzert im Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg
September 6 - 10
Instrumentenbaukurs in Ebenhausen with Petra Pitscheider
September 3, 8.00 pm
Kürten Festmusik with Lithophon und Glasspiel bei Helga Ray Young
September 2, 8.00 pm
Sophienkirche Wuppertal Konzert with Bernd Köppen, Orgel, Piano
July 17, 5.00 pm
Ingelheim ”David und Goliath” Figurentheater with Musik with Peter Ketturkat
June 25
Werkstatt für Theater, Luzern ”Herzschlag” Klangperformance
June 25
Werkstatt für Theater Luzern ”Die Geschichte vom Krokodil” Musik für Kinder
June 14, 8.00 pm
Konzertcafé am Beethovenplatz, Munich ”Jazz meets Klassik” with Hans Wolf, Piano
June 11, 11.00 am - 7.00 pm
im Musikatelier Peterskirchen: 3.Klangerlebnis für Eltern und Kinder
May 22, 8.00 pm
Kunstraum Klosterkirche, Traunstein: Klangkonzert ”Sirenengesang” in der Ausstellung von Hannes Stellner
May 14 - 16
Ton Art Projekt auf dem Kunsthandwerkermarkt in Seeon
May 8, 8.00 pm
Wasserturm Dachau ”Klangfest” von Limpe Fuchs in der Ausstellung ”Familie von Stokar - ein Leben für die Kunst”
April 26 - May 1, 8.00 pm
Spieldose im Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz Munich ”der Klang der Schatten” Limpe Fuchs, Klänge, Gisela Oberbeck Schattenspiel
April 23, 8.00 pm
Carl Orff Auditorium, Luisenstr. 37a Materialausgabe ”Bifurkationen? Limpe Fuchs , Jutta Köhler
April 12, 8.00 pm
Bandfabrik Wuppertal Konzert
April 11, 8.00 pm
VHS Wuppertal Portrait Limpe Fuchs with Klangbeispielen
March 10, 8.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg 15. Werkstattkonzert with Limpe Fuchs, Perkussion, Ralph Kaleve, Flöten, Stefan Straubinger, Drehleier, Hans Wolf, Piano
March 7, 8.00 pm
Montagsgespräch im Musiklabor des Echtzeithalle e.V. im Carl Orff Auditorium, Luisenstr. 37a: Limpe Fuchs 1969 2005, Bild- und Tondokumente zur experimentellen Musikausübung
February 22, 8.00 pm
Carl Orff Saal, Gasteig Munich im Konzert der MGNM ”Music made in Munich” Limpe Fuchs, Violine, Florian Lechner, Glasklänge
January 29, 11.00 pm - 6.00 pm
im Musikatelier Peterskirchen ”Klangerlebnis für Kinder und Eltern“;
January 27, 8.00 pm
Postsaal Gewölbe Trostberg 14. Werkstattkonzert with Roman Bunka Oud (arabische Laute) und E Gitarre, Limpe Fuchs, Perkussion, Violine, Tamboura
January 15, 8.00 pm
Apostelkirche Rosenheim: ”Das Neue Jahr zum Klingen bringen”
Limpe Fuchs Perkussion, Florian Lechner, Glasklänge
Klanginstallation ”Holz and Stein” in Wiesmühl, exhibition and concert ”Klangfeld” with Keramik by Katharina Kirchner, Dorothe Hahn, Manfred Scholl, Kunstraum Klosterkirche Traunstein
exhibition and concert ”Figur, Natur, Klang” with Andreas Bindl, Kunstraum Klosterkirche, Traunstein
”holz hören” for 6 players and soun parket, Festival f. Experimental Music, Munich, sound installation on Karpathos
Fire and Water, Tanztheater, Ukrainian National Opera, Odessa, Musiktheater Feuer und Wasser, Tanztheater, Munich
Odyssee im Klangraum, with texts by Homer and Hannes Schmidt, Traunstein
"Tonus, Klang- und Tanztheater", with Angelika Hoffmann (Tanz) and Martina Stuka, Dortmund
Sie dachte an das geordnete Chaos, with texts by Limpe Fuchs, with Leo Verol, Munich, Festival Leise Töne, with Julyas-Trio, Wasserburg
Tinnitus, with textx by Oskar Pastior, with Michael Rehberg, Eva Yvonne Forler, Munich
Faust-Performance, with Michael Rehberg, Wasserburg
Chapparral for Jazz Quintet, 4 solo playersn, 1 dancer, with texts by Castaneda, Festival Jazz & More, Munich
"Gesang zur Nacht", with texts by Georg Trakl, with Michael Rehberg, Anja Lechner, Munich, Hamburg
Esther, with texts from Martin Buber, directed by Eva Hörbiger, Lina Fuchs, Neuburg, Vogelfrau, with texts from Heie Boles and Patrik Lumma, Munich, Nürnberg, Hamburg, Realizzazione dei Sogni, with Alexej Sagerer and Antonino Bove, Munich