Workshops in the music studios of Peterskirchen

(5 – 10 participants)

Ideal conditions for self developing structures (Autopoiesis), unbalance, self-determination, openness. Participants experience being moved through instrumental vibrations produced by themselves and manual skills increase while playing. As precision of listening is growing and the faith in playing increases, nonverbal communication begins. Own instruments are welcome.

Instruments in the basement

2 pendular string instruments (bronze drum hanging in an iron rack 3 meters tall to which a 1 mm piano wire is attached with a bronze bar (7 kg) hanging at the end, tube drums, serpentinit stone and wood rows, 6 string instruments, each with 8 strings, 4 wood horns, violin, piano.

Instruments first floor and glass house

1 pendular string instrument, big lithophon (serpentinit stones), variable wood rows, 4 bronze drums, big space for movement

Workshop anywhere for children

"play in the sound garden of Limpe Fuchs" Each group 5 children with 2 pendel string instruments, bamboo flutes, drums with goat skin heads, wooden horns, serpentinit stone row, wood rows, string instruments. Topics: get known to ringing material, learn fundamental musical terms creating a play together, active games, invention of stories in sound, a presentation if required

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